Tuition Expenses for 2013-2014

Case Western Reserve University is committed to providing you with a state-of-the-art education. We make smart investments in the resources we believe are essential in preparing you for the wider world, including fiber optic and wireless networks, cutting edge laboratories, renowned faculty, technologically advanced classrooms, sophisticated recreational facilities and an enormous array of student services and support activities.

Below are the tuition rates for our graduate programs.

School Full-Time Tuition Part-Time Tuition
Graduate - MS $38,588 $1,608
Anesthesia $40,950
MBA   $1,466
EMBA $44,000  
DM   $2,778
MPOD $27,960 $1,749
MSAS $38,590 $1,287
Law $46,700 $1,946
Dentistry $58,095 $1,455
Dentistry Graduate $47,980 $1,780
Nursing $41,964 $1,749
Medicine $53,320  

Additional Notes

MSASS - A per credit hour charge of $1,287 applies for credit hours in excess of 16.