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Find A Job

Find A Job

Login to CWRULink

  1. Open an Internet browser (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) and navigate to CWRULink ( The student login uses CWRU Single Sign-On to authenticate users to CWRULink Career Center. If you are not logged in automatically, enter your CWRU network ID and password on the CWRU Single Sign-On page to login and display your CWRULink home page.

Find Student Employment and/or Work-Study Job Postings

  1. Click on the Jobs tab to view all CWRULink job postings. This includes Student Employment (Federal Work-Study and non-Work Study positions), Internships, Practicums, Coops, and permanent employment opportunities.
  2. To filter job postings and view Student Employment and/or Federal Work-Study jobs only, Click – Advanced Search.
  3. In the Position Type box, Select – Student Employment and/or Federal Work Study.
  4. Click the Search button.

Apply for a Student Employment and/or Federal Work Study Job

  1. Browse to the job for which you’d like to apply. Click on the job title to view the job specifics.
  2. Click the Student Employment Application link in the RELATED RESOURCES box to launch the interactive Adobe PDF application.
  3. Download the Student Employment Application interactive PDF to your computer or laptop. Complete all fields on the Application and save the form.
  4. Upload the completed form to your CWRULink profile.
    1. Click the Resumes & Resume Books tab and Select the Resumes & Documents option from the drop-down menu.‌
    2. On the Resumes & Documents page, Click the Add New button.
    3. Type a name for your Student Employment Application in the Label field box.
    4. Click the Document Type button labeled Student Employment Application.
    5. Click the Browse button to navigate to the location where your Student Employment Application PDF file is stored. Select the file.
    6. When you have successfully selected the Student Employment Application PDF that you would like to submit, Click the Submit button. The Resumes & Documents page will display a list of documents you have uploaded. 
      Note: each student employment position requires its own Student Employment Application, i.e., one application for each job for which you apply. If you apply for more than one Federal Work-Study or non-Work Study job you will need to post more than one Student Employment Application to the Resumes & Documents page.
  5. Return to the Jobs page to view the job posting for which you would like to apply. Click the Apply button.
  6. Select the Student Employment Application from the drop-down list. You may upload a resume by clicking the Add New button.
  7. Click the Submit button. You will receive an acknowledgement that your Student Employment Application has been submitted. The Employer will receive a copy of your Student Employment Application via email.

Please call the CWRU Help Desk @ (216) 368-HELP if you have difficulty logging in to the CWRULink Career Center. Thank you for using CWRULink Career Center for Student Employment!